MobileGIRI in US with phone-camera of Honor 6x

Recently I was in US for 2 weeks with lot of things planned in office and with friends around Bay Area. First week was busy with meetings, technical discussions and various networking events in San Jose and then I had some travel plans to explore San Diego, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. During this trip I heavily used Mobile camera and loved the ease with which I could capture most of the moments during these 2 weeks. Here I sharing some of the captured moments with quick summary of things I did. More detailed posts and travel guides would be published during next month. 

15th Edition of the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm || A Phenomenon Worth Witnessing

The 15th edition of Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm concluded on Saturday, 4th February 2017 in Jodhpur. After 5 days of traversing the dunes of the Thar Desert, riding and driving through thrilling terrain in the villages, towns and cities of Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur, the participants will go back to the relative calm of everyday lives at least for a few days. I wonder how these quieter days make these adventurers feel. Do they feel a sense of relief or do they miss the sport? Do they sleep dreamlessly after the tiring event or do they wake up suddenly in the middle of a dream in which they are still moving up and down the dunes? I believe it would be a mixture of both. A sense of relief as well as of yearning. Adventure, after all is an addiction. 

The best aspect of events like Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm is that no two days are alike. Even though all that the participants are doing throughout these 5 days is travel, each day holds its own achievements, misses, upsets, highs, and lows, which are different for each category. To understand the various categories of #MSDesert Storm, please click here

You can also follow the organizers on social media at:

TOIT - A must-visit brewpub in Bangalore

Whenever we think of Bangalore, we think of traffic, of a booming IT industry, of cool evening breeze. But what many of us don't know is that Bangalore has a fantastic, thriving nightlife and a happening pub, bar, and brewery ecosystem. I discovered this recently and made it the main agenda of my Bangalore visit this year, besides my day job of course. 

Fifth and Last Leg of Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm |An Exciting Conclusion to an Action-Packed Event

Unlike the previous legs of Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm, the fifth (and final) leg of the rally had a midnight stage and was to take the competitors 500km towards Jodhpur for finish. This was a true test of endurance for the riders and the drivers participating in this action-packed event. They hardly got any rest after the leg 4 that saw them navigating through a 200-km-long tough and challenging terrain.



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